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Natural Wines

All of our wines are organically or biodynamically farmed, with the utmost respect for nature and the soil, without anything added or taken away during vinification, except at times a very, very small amount of sulphite.


All our wines are made by small producers. The result is that our wines are expressive, often surprising, but always typical of their terroir/region and the winemaker. In other words: true wine.

In our wine list you can find red, withe, rosé, orange, sparkling and sweet natural wines made by excellent winemakers such as Valli Unite, Fattoria Castellina, Cascina 'Tavijn, Patrick Bouju& Justine Loiseau, Max Greiner, Jean Pierre Rietsch and Milan Nestarec among others. 


All of our wines are suitable for vegans.


Among our beers, you can find:


Two Chefs Brewing, a great Dutch craft beer in all flavours and styles. Their chefs experiment endlessly with exciting taste combinations and new techniques and offer something for everyone, including true fan favourites such as Holy Gunter, Funky Falcon, Bon Chef, White Mamba and Green Bullet. 

Birra Baladin, a delicious Italian craft beer produced in a farm brewery, starting from the earth and farming the land. The symbol of this process is Nazionale: the first 100% Italian beer made with water from the Maritime Alps, malted barley from Basilicata and Marche, hops from the brewery fields, yeast grown at the brewery laboratory and a few Italian spices.

And more...

In addition to our awesome natural wines and craft beers, you can pair your gorgeous contemporary Neapolitan pizza with a tasty cocktail (pizza and Spritz? Yes please!) or a nice soft drink (usually available also homemade options!).


Dulcis in fundo, indulge in a mouthwatering dessert with a good espresso made with freshly roasted Arabica coffee beans from Koffiebranderij Blue’s, a traditional coffee roaster on the edge of the Veluwe forest. 

And how to conclude your flavourful culinary experience? Of course with a shot of our homemade "Cellos", the ultimate expression of our chefs' creativity and inspiration!

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